London's most social and fun Paintball team.

London Paintball team

"I have never had so much fun in a day. I meet some great friends and we stormed a few buildings SWAT style. I wish I could do this every day of the year. These guys are really organised and super friendly. "

− Nigel Anderson - London

"It's been like being a kid again playing with adult toys. This team is playing like a SWAT team. They communicate well and work as a team. It was a blast and I can't wait to get back out there again. "

− Nick - London

"I have not done many things in my life that was as fun as this. All the guys are so friendly and welcoming and the day was none stop action. I will be sure to join these guys again next time. Did I mention how awesome all the guys are on the team. "

− Laurent - London